CALM,confindent and most definitely unflappable,many drivers prefer to listen to a soothing female voice on their car’s satellite navigation system.Now research may have found the reson why- because women are simply better at giving directions. In spite of the urban myth that they lack men’s driving skills and are unable to read maps, a study found woman are streets ahead when it comes to telling strangers how to get from A TO B.   And although women are more reluctant than men to say how long the journey will take, they are much more likely to get it right.  Most people want to be helpful even if it is obvious that they did not have clue.

Women were more likely to take thier time while giving direction. A study follows previous research that found that while men like to give specific instruction of how far and in which deriction to drive, women favour mentioning local landmarks such as shops and restaurants. Some scientistis claim this differance first developed in prehistoric times when hunter-gatherer men travelled further from thier dwelling in search of food and had to rely on the sun and thier own orientation skills to get home.

Stay-in-the-cave women meanwhile, who did not travel so far, used landmarks to ascertain where they were. Most people would sign off with a  good luck  or ‘hopefully, that will get you there’  a less optimistic ‘ Ask someone when you get down there’ or even just  have a nice day.